Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July!

Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July!

While Christmas in July isn’t necessarily a holiday, we can’t pass up a chance to spend a little time with family and encourage our kids to give back to the community. It also gives us a great excuse to offer an early look into what's coming soon for the Holiday Season, so you can grab some of your favorites early! But while we wait for the next weekly drop, let’s talk about some ideas of what we can do to celebrate Christmas in July with the kids!

Baking Time!

What better time is there to break out the measuring cups and mixing bowls than when the kids are out on summer break? So, gather the kids, play some of your favorite music, and get to mixing! Not only does baking together help teach the kids some basic life skills, but it can be a great bonding experience for you and the kids.

Not sure what to make? No matter the time of year, you can’t go wrong with some Chocolate Chip Cookies or some Brownies of Yore!

The Gift of Giving

While it may not be the Holiday Season right now, the season of giving and helping others is something that should last year around. So, help your kids make an impact and grow as individuals this year by encouraging them to think of ways they can help people in your community. Here are a few of our favorites incase they get stuck:

  • Go visit or write letters to a senior citizen! Many of them don’t have family who visit them regularly and would love a visit.
  • Encourage your kids to come up with ideas on how they can gather money or canned goods to donate to a local food pantry, then help them implement one of them!
  • Help your neighbors! This can be as simple as picking up some sticks or pulling weeds in a neighbor’s yard. Just be sure to check in first so you don’t accidentally pull up one of their favorite plants or pile limbs in a bad spot.

Holiday Movie Marathon

I don’t know about where you live, but here we’re facing temperatures topping out at anywhere from 93 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit! With temperatures that high it’s best to spend the heat of the day inside! This makes it the perfect time for a movie marathon! Make it holiday themed by having each of the kids pick out their favorite holiday movie to watch. Then grab some popcorn and those goodies you baked earlier to munch on while you all make a cuddle pile in front of the TV!


Do you have a fun idea for Christmas in July, or ideas for ways the kids can give to the community? We would love to hear all about your ideas in the comments below!

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