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Like all the best things, SweetHoney began as a labor of love. Our items are handmade and designed in-house, by our family for yours.

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I'm so happy to see these back on the site. I don't currently need one because the two we have been using for years are holding up beautifully... I am able to pack 2.5 weeks worth of summer clothes/shoes/accessories for two girls ages 3 and 5 in ONE of these... I can't recommend them enough.


My daughter is already obsessed with this dress! The colors are so beautiful I don't think the pictures do it justice. Can't wait for spring!

Heather T.

I bought these on sale in a few sizes for my little girl
last year and I’m so sad I didn’t buy more! She is very particular about what
she’ll wear and she loves these. These are by far her favorite shoes and have
held up through much heavier use than this type of shoe should go through.

Jennifer C.