The Fabric Breakdown

The Fabric Breakdown

We’ve noticed you’ve all had a lot of questions about what fabrics are being used for what, so this post is all about breaking it down! Since our Made to Play and Pajama collections are where most of these questions are coming up, that’s where we’re going to focus today. Though I will say that our usual Clothing styles all feature the same high-quality fabrics as they always have.

Cloud Fitted Ruffled Pajamas - Popsicle Splash

This month’s Pajama Drop features our Cloud line with the Viscose/Spandex blend which feels similar to bamboo. This is a super soft and lightweight fabric that helps keep children from getting hot in the fitted pajama styles. We love the breathability and quality of this material (and so do our kids)! You’ll notice that our blankets and some of our women’s items in the pajama drop are made of a polyester/spandex blend. This is the material we’ve used in the past that you’re probably accustomed to!

Cloud Layette - Wild Roses

Due to popular request for the return of the polyester/spandex blend fabric in children’s items, we have created an all NEW product line called Made to Play! All Made to Play drops will feature the cozy, soft fabric you have come to know and love in different styles with lots of fun ruffles! These Everyday Play Dresses, Maxi Dresses, and Everyday Play Sets are great choices for playtime and other fun activities!

The Made to Play Collection!

Everyday Play Dresses & a Maxi Dress!

For clarification, we will NEVER use the 100% Polyester fabric used on last year’s Gowns and the Vintage Ruffled PJs on any clothing, loungewear, or other wearable item again. We scrapped an entire line of loungewear mid-production as we received your feedback from the 2023 Holiday Drop. Your opinions matter to us and we want to bring you products you’ll love.

Cloud Layette - Blooming Blues NB-9M

Unfortunately, scrapping the 100% Polyester does mean that we are limited on what we can do with ruffles on lounge drops. We are happy to announce that our ruffled zippers are back in NB – 9M Layettes in select prints & we’re adding ruffles to the sleeves of some of our fitted pajamas!⁠ So be sure to tell us what you think of the ruffled sleeves in reviews, so we know if you want us to make them a regular thing!

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I would definitely love to see the layettes come back in the older material. These bamboo ones are beautiful but they don’t compare to the old fabric. We fell in love with the old one and even tho we have gotten quite a few piece from the bamboo we are not crazy about it. Sweethoney was known for the old fabric and everyone wanted to buy because of it. I have a lot of friends that no longer purchase for that reason. I have been buying used layettes off people in the old fabric just to have some because of how much we loved it. I was sad to see it switched to bamboo like other companies. The bamboo is soft but it’s not warm.

lori parker

i do hate we are missing all the ruffles on the pj bloomers and shorties, but i do like the added ruffle trim on the sleeves of the new sets coming out this week.