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Organize that Closet!

Organize that Closet!

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about you, but I like to start the year off right by getting things organized for the coming chaos that is sure to be on my heels soon enough. So, I thought I’d share some tips that I find helpful for organizing all those closets.

  1. Out with the old

With the kids all having new things from Christmas, it is the perfect time to go through their closets to get rid of old warn out items & things that simply don’t fit anymore. Things that need to go but are still in good condition get donated in one way or another. Not sure where to donate things? Check out this blog post about Old Clothes & What To Do With Them.

  1. Multiple bars to maximize that space

Stacking bars in a tall closet can double your hanging space! Just remember to leave room for your rompers & dresses so they don’t get wrinkly. Once the bars are in place, I separate out the items that need to go on the bar with more vertical space, then organize the clothes by season and activity. Layering tops getting their own little section since they often get used throughout the year.

  1. Shoe racks for the win!

Stacking shoe racks that I can add to as needed are my best friends, but little shoes often don’t sit right on them so be sure to get the ones with solid shelves.

  1. The best fold for packing those drawers

If you’re like us, even the double bar doesn’t provide enough space for everything, so a lot of things end up folded in a drawer somewhere. How you fold things has a huge effect on how much you can fit in each drawer & how easy it is to find what you want at a glance. So, here’s some tips to get the most bang for your buck so to speak.

Stacking folded clothes on in like end the photo above allows everyone to find what they need without shuffling through, which will help keep things from ending up in an unfolded mess. To fold things up neatly like this you’ll first need to decide what drawer things are going in so you can measure how deep that drawer is. If you have a shallow drawer, you’ll want to use that for things like socks & underwear. Medium sized drawers are perfect for loungewear & those tops that didn’t fit in the closet. Deeper drawers are fantastic for all those pants and shorts you have running around. If you have a chest of drawers, the top drawer is perfect for those seasonal items like swimsuits since the kids often need help to reach that one.

We find tops to be the hardest to keep nice and neat, so we’re going to focus on how we fold them.

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