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Old Clothes & What To Do With Them

Old Clothes & What To Do With Them

Have your littles outgrown some clothes? Well, it’s the perfect time of year to clear out the old and make room for all those Holiday Clothes you’ve been eyeing.

Why do we say it’s the perfect time? Because it is the time of giving and what better way to give the gift of peace of mind this year than to help someone’s holiday money stretch a bit further. So, if you have some old (but still in good condition) clothes to get rid of, reach out to your local schools and churches to see if anyone could use a holiday blessing this year. By taking the worry of clothes off their mind someone may get something a little more special under the tree this year.

If you luck out with the local schools and churches, check to see if a there is a Community Outreach Center, Foster Closet, or social worker nearby that knows someone in need. Children in foster care often end up in the system with little more than a haphazardly stuffed trash bag of stuff, if anything at all. Add in some old toys and you could make a child’s day.

Don’t want to go through that much trouble? Then check out these National Organizations that are known for their diversity, reputation, and charitability:

  1. American Red Cross

They accept most gently-used items including t-shirts, shoes, jackets, ties, dresses, sweaters, hats, gloves, handbags, coats, bathing suits, sleepwear and formal wear. Their partner GreenDrop may even to pick the stuff up right from your home!

  1. Salvation Army

Most gently-used clothing items are accepted & if you have a lot of stuff to donate you can even schedule a pick-up!

  1. Room to Grow

Have gently-used clothes sizes Newborn to 5T and are willing to ship them? Then check out this organization that helps disadvantaged children in those critical first three years of life.


If you know of other great national organizations or places people should check out to donate their stuff to comment below.

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