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Family New Year’s Resolutions

A mother and daughter pair wearing our Athleisure 3 Piece Set - Heathered Gray & the women’s version. The mother is also carrying one of our Flutter By Everyday Duffle bags.

If you’re like us, it probably seems like there’s always something that has to get done & New Year’s resolutions often feel like a chore. So, let’s change things up this year with some resolution ideas that are geared towards family fun!

  1. Family Walks

      • Put the phones away and focus on the kids while you take a stroll around the neighborhood or nearby park. Doing this a couple times a week is not only a great way to get some exercise in but can help children feel heard.
  2. Family Game Night!

      • It’s time to break out the board games and cards for some good old fashioned family competition. Our family favorite board game is Farm-Opoly and often fills the evening with of laughter and lighthearted teasing as someone gets to try out their best pig call. We’ve even had the kids make some of their own cards to add to the deck which resulted in challenges like “Cluck like a chicken or pay $500 to the middle” and “Oh no! Your goat got out! For the next 3 rounds you can only make goat sounds” which often makes everyone crack up.
  3. Play a game at a park at least once a month.

      • From tag to frisbee and catch, playing outdoors as a family is a great way to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

  4. Story Time

      • Reading is a great way to help your kids learn new things, expand their creative thinking, and improve their cognitive skills. Besides, reading together is a great excuse relax and cuddle together before bed. You could even change things up occasionally by taking turns making up stories to tell each other, though that sometimes results in being more excited than reading for bed so keep that in mind when deciding when to start story time.

Little girl wearing the Smocked Romper - Sunrise Check & Chelsea Sneaker - Tan while carrying a book.

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I LOVE these ideas!!