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The Perfect Halloween Costumes For Your Girls!

The Perfect Halloween Costumes For Your Girls!

Are you ready to rock this Halloween?

When it comes to Halloween Costumes, girls have an endless array of options to choose from. Whether your little one wants to be a fierce Little Red Riding Hood, an enchanting Witch, a magical Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, a brave Madeline, a stunning Dancer, or a fun Softball lover, we have just the costume to bring her imagination to life! Let's dive into these enchanting costume ideas and get ready to make this Halloween a memorable one!

  1. Little Red Riding Hood: The Fierce Forest Wanderer

Step into the enchanted forest with this classic costume. Your little girl will be the star of the show as she roams through the neighborhood, basket in hand. Complete the look with a red cape, a checkered dress, a set of red hair bows, some lacy socks, and a pair of cute boots. Don't forget to add a touch of whimsy with a basket of goodies!

Little Red Ridding Hood

  1. Witch: Stirring Up Some Magical Fun

Who says witches have to be scary? Let your little fashionista embrace her inner witchiness with a pointy hat, a fun witch themed outfit, cute shoes, and a broomstick that doubles as a runway accessory! She'll be the most fashionable witch in town, turning heads with her spellbinding charm!

 Witch Hat - Broom Rider

  1. Dorothy: The Wizard's Favorite Adventurer

Follow the yellow brick road with this timeless costume. Your little Dorothy will be ready to explore the land of Oz in her blue gingham jumper, ruby slippers, clara top, lacy socks, and matching blue hair bows! Don't forget to bring along a stuffed Toto for the full effect!

 Julie Jumper - Dorothy

  1. Madeline: The Fearless Explorer

Join Madeline on her daring escapades with this charming costume. Your little girl will embody the spirit of this brave and independent character. With this cute blue swing dress, a straw hat, and some black suede shoes, she'll be ready to explore the streets of Paris (or just the trick-or-treat route) with her adventurous spirit and impeccable style!

Swing Dress - Madeline

  1. Dancer: The Twirling Superstar

Get ready for some twirls and pirouettes with a ballerina costume. Your little girl will shine like a star in her sparkly leotard with attached tutu and matching ballet slippers! Whether she's pirouetting through the living room or performing a Halloween ballet, she'll steal the show with her graceful moves!

These leotards are taking a bit longer than expected to embellish with all the little details, but will be ready soon! So keep an eye out if your little girl wants to be a twirling ballerina of night this year as we'll do a surprise drop as soon as they are ready to go! 


  1. Girl’s Softball: The Home Run Heroine

Step up to the plate and hit a home run with these Girl’s Softball outfits! Let your little athlete show off her sporty side with a cute Softball Dress or Bubble, striped socks, and a matching baseball cap! She'll be the MVP of Halloween, swinging her way into everyone's hearts!

Softball Dress - Girls Softball

So, whether your little girl wants to be a fierce forest wanderer, a spooky sweetheart, a wizard's favorite adventurer, a fearless explorer, or any number of things, these Halloween Costumes will make her shine! Let her imagination run wild and watch as she brings these beloved characters to life. Get ready for a Halloween filled with magic, laughter, and unforgettable memories!

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