Our New Years Resolutions for 2024!

Our New Years Resolutions for 2024!

Thank you all for your love and support this year! As many of you have noticed, we’ve hit some bumps in the road over the past year and we want you know that we’re making changes to fix and avoid a lot of those issues! So, today’s blog post is all about 2024!

We have big plans for next year! This includes everything from continuing to improve our customization processes to bringing back some of your favorite fabrics, prints, and styles! Not only that, but we’ll be introducing some new styles as well!

Lounge hit the biggest bumps this year due to federal regulations on pajamas. Our options for material on children’s loungewear is extremely limited, especially for loose fit styles. So, this year’s goal is to continue developing our fitted pajamas so you can continue to enjoy some of your favorite fabrics. This will include some new short sleeve/short legged layettes perfect for spring and summer wear!

Speaking of favorite fabrics, we’ll be expanding our Made to Play collection this year! We’ll have all kinds of dresses, sets, pants, and so much more! What’s so special about the made to play collection? It features some of our (and your) favorite fabrics, including the one all of us here lovingly call milk silk! So be sure to keep an eye out as our Made to Play Drops are sure to be among your favorites!

What else is in the works for 2024? Some new swimwear styles, more pool toys, new shoes, new activewear, sports themed drops, new bags, everything Christmas, and so much more! Not only have we been developing new items, but we’ve also been taking your suggestions to heart by adding new features to some of your favorite products! One of the biggest changes is that many of our new backpacks, tote bags, and duffle bags will now feature luggage straps for easier travel!

Now that you know about our New Year’s Resolution, we’d love to hear about yours in the comments!

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SweetHoney Clothing

Hi fellow SH lifer. 😉 Doll clothing is something we always make sure to do for Christmas, but it varies the rest of the year. We’re still working out some stuff with the loungewear line as mentioned above so will hopefully be bringing items like the doll clothing back more consistently later this year.


Hi there! First off wanted to thank yall for making absolutely beautiful clothing for my kiddos, we LOVE this company and have become SH lifers lol I wanted to ask about doll gowns and matching girl gowns. I rarely see them online and wanted to know if they are typically seasonal or when to look out for them!
Thank you!

SweetHoney Clothing

We plan to drop some swimwear that we know you will all love next month!


I’m curious when the new swimwear line will drop?!
We’ve got a spring break vacation coming up in March and I would love to be able to have my girls in some sweet honey swimwear for it!

SweetHoney Clothing

We have sold out of most leotards, but will have more soon!