While School Is Still Fresh On The Mind, Get Everything They Need Early!

While School Is Still Fresh On The Mind, Get Everything They Need Early!

While all our minds automatically go to the hoards of pens, pencils, highlighters, flash cards, and more that all our little ones go through each year, there are some bigger purchases we need to consider as well. Consider how things like outfits and backpacks can affect your child’s school year. I don’t know about your kids, but when ours feel good about what they wear and the things they show off at school every day they do better in school!

Puff Sleeve Dress- Apple Medley

We always keep that in mind when designing our Back-to-School Clothing lines. This year we also considered the changes many schools have made to their schedules so are releasing our Back-to-School stuff a little early this year. This way everyone can feel good about themselves heading into the coming school year!

Out to Play Set - Green Apple Check

Checkout these adorable apple details embroidered on the collar of these special Ruffled Pocket Tunic Sets!

Ruffled Pocket Tunic Set - Green Apple Check embroidered apple on the collar

And these apple shaped buttons that all the new Out to Play Sets have!

Out to Play Set - Green Apple Check and its apple shaped buttons.

As such, June is the month of Back-to-School drops here at SweetHoney! Coming Soon for the first of our clothing drops is up now, so be sure to check that out! Later this month we’ll be dropping some Backpacks and Uniforms!

Pinafore Set - Cherry Gingham

Need some backpacks or lunch kits before then? Be sure to check out our Backpack Collection as we released some new bags at the beginning of last month & the backpacks are all customizable!

 Customizable Backpacks

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