Happy 10 Years SweetHoney

Happy 10 Years SweetHoney

The Rebrand

Last year, when planning out the calendar year we knew we wanted to look at all our different categories, individual products, branding, web development, etc. to see what all we could refine, and ultimately, what would give the consumer the highest level of satisfaction. We’re constantly trying to improve designs and quality, ship times and lead times, product development etc. We rarely sit and take time to really develop out brand guidelines, logos, taglines etc.  I started this company when I was 24 years old and felt like it was time for a refresh. It’s evolved a lot in 10 years, and we wanted a brand that while still respecting where we came from, celebrated who we are now. We decided for the first time in 10 years, we’d do a total overhaul on all of our branding. We’re very excited to finally see the fruits of all the labor and hope you enjoy the new site and the new branding as much as we do. From a quirky little clothing company, we thank you for coming along this journey with us and we hope you learn as we do, to celebrate your everyday.  

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