Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes
Halloween costumes that won't disappoint! We love these classic styled costumes that can also be worn for everyday. This year we're releasing the perfect League of Their Own dress, Dorothy dress, and a Little Red Riding Hood dress + cape. We also originally had planned for a Madeline dress and a few more accessories but like everyone else that's manufacturing and importing goods we're fighting for space at the port and for some reason a container with some cute little girls Halloween costumes and accessories isn't getting top priority. 🙃
So, next year hopefully.
We love these for Halloween but also storybook and dress up days for school and home.  Shop All HERE
Our newest costume dress this year is the "A League of Their Own" dress and matching little belle bubble. My youngest loves to wear this softball dress to all of our boys baseball games. We've got the matching socks also available to complete the look! Our hat isn't in yet but we hope to offer it in the next few weeks as well! 
Dorothy makes a comeback as one of our most popular from years past! We love this one for it's everyday wear too. It's great in the Spring for Easter or even July 4th. The coordinating Toto Basket shown below can be found HERE.
Our favorite little red sequin slippers are also coming in a few weeks! This cute ivory puff sleeved shirt is also available. It's the perfect shirt to wear under dresses like this for Fall or even on it's own! We also love these shoes paired with our Holiday and Valentines items and can't wait to show you those!
Little Red Riding Hood is back! Again, if you remove the cape then you've got the cutest little kate dress for everyday. We love this paired with our ivory boot socks and our suede Sharp Boots found HERE.
What costumes should we do next year? Let us know in the comments! 

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Boy mom here!
Little girls’ clothes are just darling, and these costumes look amazing and high quality. Could you please do one for a little boy? A Hobbit would be cute.

Kaylee Smith

Red riding hood!! When will y’all release halloween?

Erin Parks

Will you have the Dorothy and Madeline costumes this year?