Celebrate National Siblings Day With These Creative Ideas

Celebrate National Siblings Day With These Creative Ideas

Our siblings are people who are always there for us, whether they are there simply to tease you or to back you up when you’re getting picked on, you can always count on them to be there. So, help your kids grow their bond with some fun sibling activities!

 Out to Play Set - Sail the Ocean Blue

  1. Dress them up in matching outfits for some fun sibling photos!

This is something they will all look back on with a smile for years to come. More often than not, we’re all running around doing our own things but today is the perfect day to bring all the kids together to capture some memories. It doesn’t matter if you hire a photographer or simply capture the fun moments with your phone so long as you capture the joy and love they have for each other.

  1. Have them create a ‘sibling bucket list’ together.

This can include everything from simple things like going on a bike ride or completing an obstacle course together to big future goals like a sibling only road trip or international travel. Keep it someplace safe once they made it so they can go and cross things off and add new things each year. One day they may look back at their messy crossed off list and find joy in wonderful random things they are sure to come up with together.

  1. Arts & Crafts time!

Have the children make some fun handprint art together. This is a great way to let them have fun making a ‘controlled’ mess, capture their size differences, and make you some fun art to display. An easy one you can do where all you need is some paper and non-toxic yellow paint is a handprint sun. Have their fingers be the sun’s rays and their palms be the center. Just be sure to put them in something you don’t mind having paint on since sibling crafts sometimes end in everyone painting each other rather than the paper.

Short Leggy Romper - Sea Blue Stripes & Short Leggy Romper - Red Stripe

  1. Play the Sibling Game

Come up with a list of questions for them to answer about their siblings such as favorite flavor of ice cream or what they want to be when they grow up. Then once you are all finish laughing at the absurd answers they are sure to give, see how right they were on at least one of the questions by rewarding everyone with ice cream.

  1. Help them come up with surprises for each other to celebrate the day!

This can be as simple as letting them each other something at the store or as fun and personal as something they hand crafted. A personal favorite is setting each child up with string and beads to make bracelets to exchange with the others.

  1. Cook a Meal Together

Choose a meal and have the kids decide what to cook, then have them team up to make it (with your help of course).

Puff Sleeve Dress - Cherry Vines

  1. Have them make a Favorite-Things List about each other.

Help them make up for some of those not-so-nice things they say to each other in the heat of the moment by writing a list of their favorite things about each other. Once they are done, have them exchange their lists and read them. You may all be surprised how many things they come up with.

  1. Game Night!

Have each kid choose their favorite game, then take turns playing them all as a family! If someone picks a really long game, try modifying the rules and setting time limits so you’ll have time to play them all.


Have some other fun ideas you think we should try? Leave us a comment telling us all about it! Who knows, your idea just might get featured in a future post. 😉

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Kim Glover

Thanks for your suggestions. I will be using several of your ideas.

Christy Collier

Our babies love to giggle at each other. The older one tries to make different faces at the younger one until she smiles and laughs. They do this over and over.