Assortment of embroidered shirts

We now offer embroidery options for some of our products! You can either choose to have an item monogrammed, or add custom text up to 10 characters.

In order to produce the best results, we offer specific fonts for each of these options that have been tested and meet our standards. Currently, our monogram/text placement is restricted to certain locations on the item. This is a preventative measure to ensure that the finished product is satisfactory to both us and you.

We have also hand-picked a range of thread colors to choose from. These are colors that we feel compliment our prints and have produced the best results.

There are a few things to consider when ordering a customized item:

- Please note that the color of the fabric can affect how the thread color appears on the final product. This is especially apparent on the "Chain Stitch" font. Because of this, we don't recommend white for Chain Stitch as it is a thin stitch and does not show up well in that color. We cannot guarantee how the final product will look if it is not a color combination that is shown in our product images.
- Print/Pattern placement can vary from product-to-product, which may obscure embroidered text on products. We maintain consistent placement of embroidered letters/words on our customized products, so this is a natural occurrence during the process and is not an error.
- We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds on customized products. These items are considered 'final sale' once you have placed your order.
- Although we don't currently offer a live preview of our customizations, we have done our best to provide multiple examples of each font/color. These serve as a point-of-reference, but are not perfect representations of how your product may turn out. Letter spacing may vary depending on the font and fabric of the product.
- Your orders are created by our employees based on your selections, while allowing room for creative development to ensure the design looks as beautiful as possible.
- Once you have selected the customization options and placed you order, we are unable to make any adjustments. Please make sure that the options you have selected are correct and reflect the desired end product. Any mistakes made during the ordering process do not constitute a refund on your order.

Monogram Order

Our monograms currently come in two options. Inline and Stacked. The above diagrams represent the order in which you enter each letter for both monogram designs. The Inline option will be entered into a single text field, and we recommend the order of First, Last, and Middle initial. The stacked option will be entered into three separate fields, each stating the location of the letter.


- Currently, our processing time for customized products is 15-25 business days. This also includes orders with the Local Pickup option selected.
- It is important to note that orders containing customized products will ship once the customizations are complete. This includes any additional products in the order that may not have any customizations.

*If there is a mistake on our end, we will be glad to fix it or offer you a refund. If we have made a mistake, your item will only be remade/refunded if you have contacted us within 14 days of recieving your item.*

Monogram Fonts (up to 3 characters)

Alphabet in Monogram Vine font
Alphabet in Fishtail font

Text Fonts (up to 10 characters)

Alphabet in Chain Stitch font

Some of our favorite combinations