The Fall Pre-Order

The Fall Pre-Order
The Fall Pre-Order you've been waiting for! 
Loading to the site May 4, at 12PM CST
Pumpkins, florals, dinosaurs, and unicorns - a magical release with no stress of ordering. These were some of the favorite prints we've done in the past so we brought them back in old styles and new!
We plan to have the pre-order open for one day. However, the first hour of purchasers will receive an automatic 10% off! 
We hope this helps in planning for Fall pictures, fall carnivals, pumpkin patches etc. We can't wait to see your little ones in these!
We expect these items to ship to you in September. For all items loading to the pre-order and more details please see our Coming Soon Page. 

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Lindy Case

Hello, I have been trying to preorder the dinosaur dress since May 4th. The website has been not allowing me to access saying website has too much traffic for the past 2 days. I’ve tried to access more than 10 times. This morning, I am able to access the website, but I am now seeing that the fa preorder is not available. Is there any way to still preorder the dinosaur dress?
Thanks, Lindy Case