Christmas of 2010, my husband bought me a Singer sewing machine from Wal-mart. I had been wanting one for months and was so excited to see him pull it out of the trunk of our little 1998 Honda. I learned to sew from watching limitless youtube videos, reading various tutorials, and making outfit after outfit for our two little girls! 

I never said they were cute outfits.

In 2012, we were living in an apartment trying to save up for a house and I decided to start sewing and selling to other people. My husband set me up an Etsy store and the fun began! I would sew and fulfill orders during nap time or late at night. We had our third child, a boy! And it started getting too overwhelming and too much work and I wanted to just quit it all. And hold him all day.  


 My husband started looking for manufacturers, warehouses, and logistical help. I am so so thankful that he was able to see this little company for what it could be. 
Because of this, we now have manufacturers all over the US and South America. We have many employees that keep everything moving forward and we are so grateful for them! 
We have enjoyed getting to know all of you and watching your little girls grow up! We are so humbled and grateful that you allow us to be a small part of their childhood. <3