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Sam & Dot Bedding

Inspired by the love of my grandparents: Sam and Dot. 
Throughout my life I watched my grandfather love our God, love and serve my grandmother, do anything for his kids and grandkids, serve the homeless, addicts, and anyone else that was struggling. 
He considered himself no better, and taught us to do the same.
He was my favorite person to be around with his humor, humility, and imperfections. I can't wait to see him again. 
I've watched my grandmother be completely self-less in everything she does. She still shows us how to be a loving, supportive wife, a hard working frugal home-maker, and a fun friend that anyone would love to have. {Unless you're playing dominoes against her}
There are so few people that can go through life with such honor and dignity while being so humble and meek.
I know it's just a bedding brand, but it's so much more to us. We hope you enjoy these as much as we have enjoyed making them!
Bedding created for your little girls. Full of spunk, love, and charm. 
All bedding is made with 100% designer cottons and is professionally sewn.